While it is true that chemicals are useful to eliminate pestering pests to vegetations and increase productions, it is somewhat a proven fact also that they generate illnesses to human body. Side effects of such inorganic products are inevitable occurrence. There are two types of food available in the market, and they are the conventionally grown foods and organic foods.

The floodgates of technologies are opened to seize lifestyles of people. Actually, we are enjoying it because it made our lives comfortable. However, much is said about the impacts of machineries and new technologies to our planet. Some of them are disastrous to our Mother Nature. To pre-empt additional disaster, efforts were made tobridge it.

In our quest for nutrition that is planned not on the expense of our environment, organic products were advocated. Conventionally grown foods, also known as CGs were avoided. These foods are usually processed. The seeds are genetically engineered and others were irradiated to compose of the plant product. CGs are grown and maintained with the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and they are refined when harvested. In the process, preservatives, vitamins and minerals are then added. The product reaches a consumer in a package such as canned, boxed or frozen. It brings billions of yearly profits to producers and manufacturers.

On the other hand, the organic foods are free from irradiation, bioengineering and synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Others call it non-GMOs. These organic products are grown without using hormones or antibiotics. For dairy products, the foods of live stocks were naturally grown herbs and they are not enriched with chemical injections or supplements for faster growth. Many countries are patronizing it that producers and manufacturers incomes also peg to billions in profits annually.

While it is true that organic products are not genetically modified, it does not prove that it has more nutrition as the conventionally grown products. It does not connote that consuming them will give more benefits than the latter. There are organic products that are high in glucose, lactose and sucrose. Some are also rich in calories, fat and salt. To ensure you and your family's health, there is a need to read nutritional facts in the label of the product before purchasing them. For sure, all products sold in the market bears that label and they passed quality assurance of the Bureau of Foods.

Furthermore, the two products, organic and conventionally grown, have the same quality and safety standards. However, organic products will spoil faster because they are not treated with preservatives unlike the conventionally grown ones. They appeared comparatively smaller and unpolished, too, due to the fact that no wax and any other value-added elements were valued on them.

As a consumer, you have the option on what to buy. You carry the burden of good discretion now. Are you supporting organic products for your ecological concerns or for CGs because you are concerned about your family's budget? Your pick is your opinion …

Source by Ayi Ofqueria Ali